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Café Louvre

The café with the name of the world-famous gallery has been standing in the heart of Prague since 1902. Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein visited the company during his professorship in Prague. Our bespoke wine cellar has graced the Café Louvre space since 2017 and we look forward to further developments in this magnificent space.

Merhaut's Bakery

Merhaut’s Bakery, which opened in 2018 in Prague’s OC Fénix, features CUBUS refrigerated display cases used for storing and presenting fresh pastries and cakes.

NEXT DOOR by Imperial

NEXT DOOR is a modern Czech bistro run by Zdeněk Pohlreich, the central element of which is our showcase. The restaurant is exceptional for its location in the centre of Prague, its menu and unique approach. Our refrigerated display cabinet is part of a modern interior and serves for the presentation of fresh cuisine.

La Casa Argentina

La Casa Agentina is an authentic Argentine restaurant decorated in an authentic style. It offers its customers the opportunity to experience the flavours of Argentina and soak up its unique atmosphere. The fireplace, vaulted ceilings and rich textures create a welcoming combination that makes the guest feel at home. Our bespoke wine cellar complements the atmosphere and makes the wide range of genuine Argentinian wines stand out.

Cafe Milléme

The Café Milléme café and patisserie in the centre of Prague is reminiscent of a true French patisserie. It presents its rich, beautiful and tasty offer to its customers in custom-made CONTEG blown showcases.

Restaurant AMANO

The modern Italian restaurant belongs to the Aromi chain and focuses on gourmet pizza and promotes the concept of social dining. The restaurant is dominated by two WINIUS wine cabinets lined in the typical Bottega style. The restaurant also features a custom-made refrigerated display case with pull-out drawers.

Globus Ústí nad Labem

The Globus hypermarket in Ústí nad Labem chose our solution for the Cheese and Fish section. The cheeses are stored in special boxes with refrigeration adapted to the different types of cheese. Inside the boxes, there are tracks that ensure easy movement and handling of goods.

The fish counter is custom-designed with a protection zone against bumping shoppers’ trolleys. The semi-circular shape is ergonomically adapted to the operator.